News last update:6 Aug 2012

Lucta SA opens its virtual library

Over the years, Lucta has devoted considerable time and resources to investigate the influence of palatability on animal feeding behaviour. The science behind palatability is now online available in a virtual Library.

Aim of the company is to provide the market with science-based products and proven results, satisfying both customers and animals.
In order to more successfully bring results of its palatability research to the scientific and technical community, Lucta established a Virtual Library that utilizes the speed and efficiency of the internet.
Lucta opens the Virtual Library today. Visitors will find an electronic database of palatability research papers, published since 1999 and derived mainly from major meetings and congresses.
The Library user will be able to choose between on-screen document reading and navigation, or download high-quality PDF versions for home or office printing.
Lucta’s Virtual Library is open to everyone wishing to review, learn, consult or apply the knowledge derived from years of research.
“We believe it is especially useful for the technicians in the feed manufacturers, the nutrition consultant, and the science community,” says Juan Antonio Javierre, business manager at Lucta, who worked almost two year on establishing the library.
“We will continuously add knowledge to the Virtual Library. The newer titles will always be found at the front page. Older material will be located into the document repository, where they can be searched by keyword and accessed directly from the search results page.”
Lucta hopes this new tool will improve the feed industry technician’s awareness of the potential help derived from the use of science-based flavours.
The researcher will find references to universities that tried and tested feeding concepts with success; and the consultant will find a cache of useful information for meeting his/her customer’s requirements.
Lucta SA is a special additive manufacturer, world leader in the segment of flavours for animal feed. It has headquarters in Spain and production centres in Spain, Mexico, Colombia and China.
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