News last update:6 Aug 2012

Redundant feed mill stars in demolition series

If you have an old feed mill and you want to get rid of it, you think about who it is going to do and what it is going to cost. In the US however, you call the Kelly family from Idaho and they might tear it down for a TV show feature.

Eden’s (Texas) defunct Concho Feed Mill will star in an episode of “The Imploders,” a new reality show from an American cable channel.
The show follows the Idaho-based Kelly family, operators of Advanced Explosives Demolition. They filmed the public implosion of the mill at 500 S. US 83.
Kathy Keane, Eden’s economic development coordinator, said she has been working on the project since about Dec. 17.
“It came as a tip from the Texas Department of Agriculture that ‘The Imploders’ were looking for demolition projects,” she said. “I told them we had some structures here that might work. Now, just weeks later, we’re in the middle of filming.”
The Colorado-based owner of the mill, Wes E. Klett of Anipro/Xtraformance Feeds, who had begun arrangements to demolish the nearly 58-year-old structure, agreed to let the TV team take over, Keane said.
 “It’s turned out to be such a fabulous opportunity for us,” Keane said. “They’ve really reached out to us to help us with some economic development projects. They’re taking the economic development view.”
She said the demolitions help clear the way for fresh development.

Dick Ziggers

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