News last update:6 Aug 2012

Drying feedstuffs in vacuum coater

Dinnissen Process Technology introduces drying of feedstuffs as a new functionality to its Pegasus vacuum coater.

The Pegasus Vacuum Coater is a valuable and flexible tool for every company involved in the production of granular and extruded products in compliance with modern requirements.
Dinnissen is now introducing a new application for the vacuum coater on the market: “drying a wide range of ingredients at low temperatures.”
The advantage of this novel drying process is that it ensures complete retention of taste, colour, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
Until now, the vacuum coater has been used primarily to add essential substances - including aromas, oils, vitamins, minerals and enzymes - to granules and extruded products.
Drying without addition of heat
The new application for the vacuum coater is based on the physical phenomenon that liquids boil at a lower temperature under vacuum.
As a result, moisture can be removed from products even at low temperatures in the coater.
The additional drying functionality in the Pegasus can be combined in a single process step with the other existing functionalities of the coater. This includes the addition of natural aromas and flavours to powders, granules and spices.

Dick Ziggers

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