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International IFF Workshop: “Current research topics of feed technology“

In connection with the EuroTier Exhibition (16 to 19 November 2010) at Hanover, an International Workshop on “Current research topics of feed technology” will be held at IFF at Braunschweig on Thursday November 18.

The Research Institute of Feed Technology IFF in Braunschweig, Germany is very well known for its research work in the field of pelleting of compound feeds and optimizing technological processes of the compound feed production.
For almost 50 years, IFF supports especially small and medium sized enterprises from feed industry and its suppliers with public funded research work as well as with contract research work.
During this special workshop the IFF-researchers will present and discuss topics which are up-to-date in compound feed production as well as results from current research projects of the Research Institute.
The workshop provides comprehensive and competent details on basics and new developments in compound feed productions and technology.
Participants of the workshop will have the opportunity to learn more about current research topics and the specific research work of the Research Institute of Feed Technology.
Furthermore, the workshop offers the opportunity of important and informative technical networking and exchanging of ideas.
?        Welcome - A. Feil and R.-M. Blume
?        Liquid addition in the main mixer - A. Kirchner
?        Pelleting and pellet quality - R. Löwe
?        Lunch break and possibility to visit the IFF pilot plant station
?        Stability of additives against the hydrothermal and mechanical stresses of compound feed production - K.-           D. Neumann
?        Alternative raw materials in compound feed - M. Stelling
?        Discussion break
?        Optimising internal feed mill management for improved product safety - A. Feil
This workshop will take place in English language. The admission fee is € 200.00 per participant. More info and registration can be obtained from iff@iff-braunschweig.de.

Dick Ziggers

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