News last update:6 Aug 2012

Buschhoff grain handling at EuroTier

Apart from the high performance conveying technology (now completely revised), the Buschhoff company presents at the EuroTier fair more innovations for 2011.

The proven Buschhoff bruised grain blower SG 50 has grown into a larger variant, the SG 80. Discharge performance increases to 8 – 10 t/h of processed feed.
By way of the high-pressure operation (0,6 bar) the blower is extremely energy efficient, its special soundproofing cares for comfortably quiet operation.
The advantages offered by discharge via a bruised grain blower of the SG-series are: completely automatic access to distant discharge targets (up to 300 m), no need for complex pipe supports – easy to arrange steel bends will do.
As with dense phase conveying there is no residue in the pipe lines, pneumatic discharge ensures a highly hygienic procedure, furthermore the pureness of the different kinds of feed is ensured. Moreover the available Buschhoff control provides optimum adjustment of the performance/distance ratio.
Grain purifier in front of the mill
Foreign objects coming with the grain, stones for example, are not only responsible for a shorter lifetime of wear parts and the mill as a whole, they also cause considerable interruption of normal operation sequences.
This is an obvious nuisance for plants which are designed to use off-peak power and to run in a highly automated mode of operation.
An economic solution is the newly developed drum purifier BTR. The large screen drum provides efficiency by its special construction and enables a performance of 4 t/h.
The purifier not only separates unwanted large foreign objects, but also prevents dust and similar fine ingredients to be inserted into the proper milling operation.
This is achieved by drum rotation with an integrated extraction. Usage of the purifier results in better feed quality and unobstructed operation of the mill.
Buschhoff is located in hall 26, stand B19 at EuroTier
The Buschhoff company from Ahlen/Westfalen develops complete solutions which cover grain intake, storage, milling, mixing, right up to feeding.
In the milling and mixing sector Buschhoff is a manufacturer of quality products and innovative concepts, with international recognition.


Dick Ziggers

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