News last update:6 Aug 2012

French have ample field beans for feed

With a French production of field beans of 511,000 tonnes in 2010, up 18% over 2009, the total available volume including stocks is now 569,000 tonnes, up more than 100,000 tonnes from the previous season.

It is expected that export to third countries (Egypt and others) could approach the level of 2009-2010, which amounted to 260,000 tonnes.
"The additional 100,000 tons should therefore, like the peas, go to feed markets in France and the EU," according to UNIP, The Interprofessional Organisation for Protein Crops.
“However, faba bean is a raw undiscovered crop without a market quotation basis. Currently in France, it is mainly sold in the pig sector where it can compete with peas if its price is lower than 5 to 10 euros per tonne,” said UNIP.
"For a better valuation of faba beans it would be preferable to develop in feeds for meat typ poultry or ‘label’ type layers, including colourful classic varieties," it said.

Dick Ziggers

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