News last update:6 Aug 2012

Biomin going “Naturally ahead”

For over 25 years, going “The natural way” has been the mission of feed additive producer Biomin. Now this slogan is going to change to “Naturally ahead”.

 Today, Biomin is known as a specialist in mycotoxin control and risk management, including portfolios in acidifiers, probiotics and phytogenic feed additives.

The company started to promote the use of natural feed additives in animal production during the early-80s, a time when interest in such products was negligible.
Founder Erich Erber of Biomin: “We are dedicated to finding innovative trend-setting solutions that empower our customers to master existing and future challenges in animal nutrition. ‘Naturally ahead’ conveys this commitment to enable our customers to stay naturally ahead in their business.”
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Dick Ziggers

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