News last update:7 Aug 2012

Feed mill manager dies after fall from grain silo

Police are investigating the death of a Pilgrim's Pride feed mill manager who fell 55 metres from the top a grain silo at Locust Shores, Alabama, USA, authorities said.

A truck driver parked on the one side of the silo reportedly heard something on the other side, got out of his truck to investigate and found Joe Weaver (53) on the ground. Weaver was the grain manager of the plant in western Colbert County.
The feed mill consists of 10 silos, each of which has a 4-foot-high rail around the top. Weaver's fall occurred at a silo at the back of the mill, emergency workers said.
Since it was not know whether Weaver fell, jumped or was pushed the police investigates the case.
Authorities said Weaver was not wearing a hard hat and was not carrying his communication radio, which other employees said is unusual.
"At this point, we don't know why he was on top of the silo or what he was doing up there," the police said.

Dick Ziggers

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