News last update:6 Aug 2012

Indonesia needs to import one million tonnes of corn

Although the country claimed to be self sufficient in corn supply Indonesia plans to import up to one million tons of the commodity this year, a senior official said.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture Bayu Krisnamurthi said Indonesia will import corn needed by animal feed industry. The country itself does not grow this type of corn.
In addition, there is no guarantee of supply from domestic producers as corn production areas are located far from the feed plants, Bayu said.
The country's production of around 17 million tonnes of corn should be more than enough to supply the industry but most processing plants are located on Java while corn producing centres are scattered on various other islands, he said.
Indonesia needs around 4.5 million tonnes of cornfor animal feed, which represents 50% of the basic materials for animal rations, Bayu said.

Dick Ziggers

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