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Mexico stages Global Feed and Food Congress 2010

“The Food Chain: From Farm to Table” is the theme of the third Global Feed and Food Congress to be held 20-23 April 2010 in Cancun, Mexico.

The Congress is the feed and food industry’s premier global animal feed event and is sponsored jointly by the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) and the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).
Like the two congresses before it, the 2010 Congress seeks to bring together all stakeholders from the production, processing, and marketing of an industry spanning the entire food chain—from raw material and feed ingredient suppliers to integrators, processers, marketers and consumers.
“The Global Feed and Food Congress provides a wealth of opportunities for our industry to come together to examine the issues impacting feed and food production and marketing worldwide,” says Roger Gilbert, IFIF secretary general.
“The Congress is unique in its ability to gather together a large number of key decision makers at one event in order to discuss issues and consider solutions for the future of the global feed and food industries.”
IFIF Chairman Dave Cieslak agrees. “Congress will be the leading event for the feed industry in 2010, where you can connect with colleagues and others working within the feed and food production systems while also receiving the latest updates on issues impacting your business from today’s foremost experts in the field,” he adds.
Broad program
The program features nearly 60 speakers from locations spanning the globe and covers a range of topical issues.
Global policy and food security, sustainable practices, new production technologies, traceability and food safety, animal and human health concerns, risk management, competition for commodities, and feed and food manufacturing trends are just some of the issues to be covered during the three-day program.
“This is a 'must attend' meeting for all key decision makers in the feed and food production industries,” Gilbert underscores. “This is the third time this Congress is being held and once again, all stakeholders in the production and use of animal feeds will join with those working throughout the food chain--from raw material and ingredient suppliers to integrators, processors, supermarkets and consumers—in order to effect change.”
Global impact
Cieslak points out that issues like traceability and feed regulations are global issues that demand a global response from leaders around the world. Although worldly in scope, the decisions made by the industry also have a very local impact on the farms, fields, orchards and water sources, where feed and food begin.
Gilbert notes that attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a number of destination tours following the event.
Special room rates will be in effect beginning three days prior to the Congress through three days following the meeting to allow participants to take full advantage of the beautiful location as a family vacation destination, in addition to attending the Congress.
The meeting will take place at the Cancun Center. Industry booths are available.
For more information, visit the Global Feed and Food Congress website .Online registration is available at Congress online registration.

Dick Ziggers

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