News last update:6 Aug 2012

Sanders receives GMP certificate for 23 plants

Sanders, the only national brand of animal feed in France, managed to get its 23 production sites certified under the GMP guidelines for compound feeds.

Being a part of the food chain and having to deal with all major players a feed manufacturer needs to meet the highest standards.
Therefore, Sanders started two years ago to recognize his expertise in quality and safety of feed.
Sanders received in late 2009, certification of all of its 23 production sites under the new repository for Good Manufacturing Practice.
Objectives of GMP
The French GMP system is a voluntary guide designed by feed manufacturers.
Since September 2008, this Guide is a repository officially recognized and endorsed by the Regional Directorate for Competition, Consumption and Repression of Fraud (DGCCRF), the Directorate General of Health (DGS) and Directorate General of the Food (DGAL).
It aims to control all the risks associated with a set of processes needed to produce feed to meet consumer expectations for safety of food.
In this context, this guide complements the existing regulations and establishes requirements and recommendations for a perfect process control necessary for the proper functioning of the company in three areas:
  1. The production of feed, from the formulation and manufacturing, purchasing and procurement, to packaging, loading and delivery and including the recycling of usable quality products;
  2. The cross-cutting functions of the company, that is to say, scheduling, human resources, metrology, maintenance, cleaning / sanitation, process validation, control of suppliers, control of documents and records, control systems and data, the analytical inputs and regulatory, legislative and technological tracking and tracing;
  3. The process of management. The guide provides policy and Quality Food safety, animal and investment planning, non-compliance and customer complaints, audits and corrective and preventive actions.
Leading position
The network of Sanders in France consists of 23 plants. All are now certified and meet the requirements of the GMP qualifications.
There are 300 factories manufacturing food for livestock in France. To date, 70 of them are certified.
Sanders alone accounts for 1/3 of all certified companies, which gives the company a leading edge in the positioning of safe animal feed.

Dick Ziggers

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