News last update:6 Aug 2012

Thermostable enzyme does well in India

The successful introduction of AB Vista's thermostable enzyme Econase® XT, generated a lot of interest at this year's VIV India in Bangalore early February.

AB Vista successfully launched Econase XT in India during Spring 2009. Since then the product was used in 840,000 tonnes of broiler feed.
Total broiler feed production is around 5 million tonnes which presents a large opportunity to further increase sales in India.
Econase XT is a new enzyme with three key qualities:
  1. Thermostability: The first xylanase on the market to be able to survive high pelleting temperatures without the use of a coating.
  2. Assayability: The level of enzyme activity in the feed can be reliably and accurately measured.
  3. Efficacy: Numerous independent trial results showing the positive influence on animal performance.
New introduction in South Asia
Ari Kiviniemi, global sales director; Caroline Oram, marketing manager; and Jasmaine Cheong, supply chain director for Asia-Pacific Region were also present at the exhibition to launch the E. coli derived phytase Quantum™ 5000 for the South Asian market.
The event attracted 15,000 visitors, the majority from India but other attendees travelled from neighbouring South Asian countries. The AB Vista stall was visited by all major feed millers and poultry integrators in India.
New employee, Atmaram Yadav, joined AB Vista as sales manager for North India just a day before this exhibition.
Dinesh Bhosale, regional sales director for India, said: “We have been overwhelmed by the continuing interest in Econase XT. It has already gained a successful foothold in the Indian market and we hope to see this rise further in the coming months.”

Dick Ziggers

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