News last update:6 Aug 2012

Company update: Clextral, France

Clextral, pet food extrusion and drying specialist, achieved a €45.3 million turnover in 2009 with its subsidiaries: 80% in export sales and 70% in sales in the non-Euro area.

Clextral’s well-balanced global interests (extrusion, drying, couscous and pasta, DKM pumps), paid off during the recent global economic slump as the company’s activities remained dynamic in some major markets: China, India, the Middle East and Latin America, the company said.
Clextral achieved an operating profit exceeding 4% in 2009. This success is significant as it integrates the company’s commitment to apply 4% of profits for Research & Development to ensure long-term growth of the company, a plan fully supported by its shareholder Legris Industries.
In Australia, the new R&D platform (installed in mid-2008) to develop Clextral’s patented process of extrusion-porosification made great strides towards commercial and industrial deployment. This revolutionary process makes porous powders with technology that uses approximately 30% less energy than traditional processes.
Clextral provides world-class twin screw extrusion lines from 9 offices worldwide, with local service to customers in 87 countries. In 2009, the volume of service activities exceeded the record level achieved in 2008.
Based on a surge in North American activity at the beginning of 2010, Clextral is on the way towards another banner year with the goal of sales volume exceeding €50 million, to match the 2008 record (€54.8 million order intake).

Dick Ziggers

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