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Grain Forum & Grain Industry confirms Buhler as sponsor

The Swiss company Buhler AG becomes the sponsor of the international conference Grain Forum & Grain Industry – 2010 to be held from 18 – 20 May in Yalta, Ukraine.

Buhler is one of the world largest manufacturers of equipment and technologies for grain processing industry.
During the conference Grain Forum & Grain Industry – 2010, experts of the company Buhler will provide presentations concerning the modern technologies of storing and grain processing.
Ukraine grain
The grain market of Ukraine is the essential part of agriculture in the country and is strongly influenced by developments in the world market.
These influences trigger the Ukrainian grain market to further develop the sector in the country.
Although there is large potential in the country, political influences hamper further development of the internal market and damage the market image in the world.
Unfortunately, the situation almost became the standard in the country, which should be changed by market participants with all possible means.
The information agency ?P?-Inform tries to support the grain sector in the Ukraine to recap the leading status in the world grain market, challenging the existing stereotypes.
The organization of the annual forum of producers, traders, grain processors and other participants of the grain market is one of the methods to overcome stereotypes and make real steps on forming a qualitative grain market.
More info can be found at the AgriMarket website
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Dick Ziggers

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