News last update:6 Aug 2012

Pres International - Pelleting Recycling Equipment Suppliers

Pres International is a Dutch company and is specialised in supplying not only spare and wear parts for the animal feed and recycling industries but also supplier of second hand reconditioned equipment such as presses, grinders, coolers, batchmixer, conditioners and elevators / conveyors

In a short time notice the company Pres Iinternational started to sell not only spare and wear parts for the animal feed milling industry but also started to buy and sell pre-owned (second hand) feed milling machines from intake, dosing- weighing, grinding mixing, pelleting till finished product.
Equipment sold to:
Far East: South Korea, Taiwan, Maleisia and Thailand.
Middle East: Saudi - Arabia and Egypt.
Africa: South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Nathal.
Various countries:New Zealand
Spare parts for above machines such as: Dies, rollers, roll-shells, shafts, bearings, beaters, grindershafts etc. are manufactured also in Germany by a company who is a major-supplier to big automobile companies in Germany. A big laboratory is part of the Heat-treatment factory.

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