News last update:6 Aug 2012

Vitamin C and Zinc to fight shrimp virus

Filipino-owned drug company, La Croesus Pharma Inc. formulated a new medicine to treat and prevent a dreadful viral disease in shrimp farming.

An experiment conducted at Marcela Farms Inc. at Calape, Bohol Philippines concluded that supplementation of feeds with Vitamin C plus Zinc “Zincee” can treat and prevent viral disease in shrimp and prawn.
The white spot virus syndrome (WSVS) is one of the common viral diseases in the world that hit Asia including the Philippines leading farmers into bankruptcy.
The 20-day old stock in 12 ponds which was infected with the white spot virus was able to survive to harvestable size after treatment with Zincee.
The harvest yielded to an average of 4 tons per half hectare pond with a high survival rate of 95%.
The July 2009 trials showed that an average body weight per prawn was 30 grams. The feed conversion ratio of 1:1.4 attained in a 130 days culture.
Hubert Malinao, the farm manager of Marcela Farms said “Zincee really helped us to live and survive with the virus in our shrimp culture. Aside from protection of our farm from viral disease it improved our farm production as it also improves the growth and survival rate of the shrimps.”
Zincee now widely used in the Visayas by shrimp farmers. Famers include the RSY Ventures at Sta. Catalina, CARDs Inc. at Victorias City, Aquatic Ranch/Phoenix at Asturias, Cebu and Anggies Farm at Sibonga, Cebu to name a few.
“Our product is proudly Philippine made at very affordable price” said Noel M. Alonzo of KDs which is the sole national distributor of the products in the Philippines.
More information can be obtained from Dr Noel M. Alonzo, Technical Point Person of KDs Seafoods at showkae@yahoo.com.

Dick Ziggers

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