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Wynveen, versitality in feed processing

Wynveen International is a manufacturer of Feed mills for animal feeds, petfood and fishfeed. Our years of experience have enabled us to come up with interesting solutions for this industry.

Wynveen International holds also a leading position in manufacturing of complete fish feed factories. From the processing of the raw materials, grinding, sifting, mixing and drying, to the subsequent unique vacuum coating system (40% liquids). Hereby is engineering one of the most important activities of Wynveen International BV. It translates market studies and customer demands into an optimal design of processes, machines and arrangements of actual production sites.
The key-activities are:
1. process and machine development
2. lay-out engineering
3. product engineering
4. operator manuals and customer support
Several standard designs are available, tenfold of 10 to 60 t/h feedmill installations are designed over the last 25 years. More recently several designs have been made for the fish feed industry, line capacities from 9 to 20 tons/hour. Wynveen International is also able to manufacture the main production machines themselves, these are a.o. hammer mills, 3000 and 1500 rpm, ribbon- and paddle mixers, double shaft paddle mixers, rotary sifters, coaters for liquids (vacuum or atmospheric) and all conveying equipment like elevators, chain conveyors, screw conveyors etc.
To ensure its quality standards Wynveen International assembles and tests all key equipment in its own plant. Wynveen International exports roughly 80 % of its current production outside the Netherlands. We are focusing solely on the development and construction of high quality innovative machines and installations for manufacturing livestock, fish feed and pet food. Our motto 'versatility in feed processing' will continue to apply and we wish to distinguish ourselves by quality, innovation, client focus and added value. Quality is a high standard at Wynveen International.
Wynveen International B.V.
Poort van Midden-Gelderland, Groen 2
Tel. 026-4790699
Fax. 026-4790698


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