News last update:6 Aug 2012

Milk production increase for dairy producers

Energy Booster H, is a second dense, rumen-inert fat supplement that has been launched by Milk Specialities Global Animal Nutrition.

The new Energy Booster HTM enables dairy producers to increase milk production and milk components, improve body condition and reproduction.
Melting point increased
The new product makes use of a manufacturing process that increases the melting point of the product to 170°F. “The ‘H’ stands for ‘Handling’ and university pelleting trials, conveyance evaluations in auger bins and melt-point testing prove that Energy Booster H holds up to its improved-handling title,” says Doug Schomberg, VP Sales and Marketing, Milk Specialties Global Animal Nutrition.
High energy value
Energy Booster H makes use of the same high-performance formula as Energy Booster 100 does, and provides a very high energy value with dry matter intake unaffected. It has minimum of 90% total fatty acids with very high levels of saturated free fatty acids, states a report by dairywebmall.com.

“Both Energy Booster H and Energy Booster 100 are highly palatable and digestible,” adds Schomberg. “And since it is a rumen-inert fat, it does not undergo rumen biohydrogenation that can depress dry matter intake.”

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