News last update:6 Aug 2012

New starter cultures for liquid feed fermentation

With Schaumalac Feed Protect, German feed ingredient specialist Schaumann is providing an entirely innovative combination of highly active lactic acid bacteria strains for fermentation.

By combining three specially selected homofermentative lactic acid bacteria strains, Schaumalac Feed Protect (SFP)  guarantees a stable and controlled fermentation process. The product offers high level of flexibility of use in various stable and sugar-rich substrates.
In numerous tests under actual field conditions supplementation with SFP increased lactic acid formation by 1-3 % in fresh mass. pH drops quickly to the desired range of < 4.5, and undesirable microflora (E. coli bacteria and the like) in the fermented feed is inhibited effectively.
The lactic acid cultivated improves feed intake and stabilises the animals’ digestive tract and health status.
Starter cultures also increase the digestibility of phosphorus and amino acids in plant-based feeds. Subject to fermentation temperature (20-40 °C), a retention period of between 8 and 24 hours is to be observed.
SFP manages the fermentation process effectively, and controls feed hygiene in a specific manner.
The starter culture can be pre-dissolved in the nutrient solution, and applied to container goods, as a direct liquid application.
More info at www.schaumann.de

Dick Ziggers

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