News last update:6 Aug 2012

Workshop feed additives and feed business in Europe

Health Claims Europe presents one day interactive workshop directed at Feed Additives and Feed business in and outside Europe on 28 April at the Radisson Blu Hotel Royal in Brussels, Belgium.

Special focus will be on how to guarantee that vital additives are still available in the near future, and on how daily feed and feed additives business prepares for this.
The following speakers will update delegates on feed additive regulation in Europe:
  • Keith Millar, Food Standards Agency, U.K. – A regulatory update on feed additives in the EU;
  • Dr. Joaquim Brufau de Barberà, IRTA, Spain – Feed additive re-authorisation: Guidelines and guidance for file submission – Experience and problems for dossiers authorisation;
  • Dr. Barbara Klaus, meier // meisterernst, Italy – Feed additive or feed ingredient? Selecting feed additive categories;
  • Dr. Didier Jans, Fefana, Belgium – Industry initiatives to support the feed additive re-authorization process;
  • Dr. Elinor McCartney, Pen & Tec Consulting, Spain - Safety & efficacy of feed additives – obstacles & complexity
  • Dr. Elizabeth Lewis, Cantox Health Sciences International, U.K - Making the transition from food to feed Additive - Scientific and regulatory essentials for study protocols & reports;
  • Giuseppe Simone, Community Reference Laboratory for Feed Additives, Belgium – Quality and pitfalls in analytical methods; minimal standards;
  • Ruud Bremmers, Regal, The Netherlands – Feed additive regulation – Application in operating feed business
Feed additives sales staff, feed formulators as well as legal councils and marketing and management staff will get a high level review of the current status of reauthorization of feed additives and the authorization of new substances.
Registration for the workshop can be done at www.feedadditiveseurope.com
Registration fee is €895 (including handouts, coffee and lunch breaks.


Dick Ziggers

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