News last update:6 Aug 2012

Book review: The Feeds Directory

Despite the fact that most information is now digitally available The Feeds Directory – Commodity Products Guide by Dr. Wesley Ewing is a must-have for feed professionals that need up to date information on feed ingredients.

The easy to use guide has been designed to help save time searching for information. It is presented in a simple, repetitive format with comprehensive and clear information to help improve your feed decisions.
A wide range of commonly available commodity feedstuffs are featured with over 100 products ranging from soybean meal and peas to molasses to cotton seed meal.
Every product is described in the same structural way: Introduction, Origin/place of manufacture, Nutritional benefits, Colour/texture, Palatability,
Concentrate inclusion % per species, Storage/processing, alternative names, Bulk density and typical analysis.
Feeds are presented in an A-Z format in full colour. Colour coding is used throughout the book to clearly define the feed groups.
Quick reference options include simple icons to indicate the suitability of the feed for species (sheep, cattle, pigs, poultry, direct feeding on farm) and colour-coded pie charts, as analysis summary.
Colour coded sections include:
  • Cereals and by-products;
  • Forages and stock feeds;
  • Legumes and by-products;
  • Oilseeds and by-products;
  • Roots, fruits and by-products; and
  • Miscellaneous section 
The book can be ordered at Context bookshopsat the special offer of £28.13 (€36) + delivery costs.

Dick Ziggers

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