News last update:6 Aug 2012

New innovative acid blend from Dr Eckel

Dr. Eckel GmbH (Niederzissen, Germany) introduces a new acid blend to the market that has a positive effect on nutrient supply in the intestines of animals.

PreAcid is a new development of the Dr. Eckel based on the modular concept of CaPlus. It combines established feed acids with calcium gluconate, the salt of gluconic acid.
Research shows that the application of gluconic acid triggers prebiotic effects in the intestine of animals.
Gluconic acid is absorbed only slowly in the gastro intestinal tract and it promotes the colonisation of micro-organisms which produce volatile fatty acids such as acetic, propionic and especially butyric acid.
As an energy supplier for the development of the intestinal mucosa, butyric acid is indispensable for an intact intestinal mucosa and thus a prerequisite for optimum nutrient absorption.
Furthermore, PreAcid FL's additional benefits cover a range of active areas. Besides achieving positive effects on nutrient supply, it also improves feed hygiene and the supplied calcium gluconate provides a highly available calcium source for the animals.
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Dick Ziggers

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