News last update:6 Aug 2012

Phodé Laboratories launch new visual identity

In the year 2010 the focus for flavours manufacturer Phodé is on growth. To emphasise this the company has revamped its website and logo.

Laboratoires Phodé was founded in 1996 by DVM Daniel Eclache with the objective to propose to the market innovative, functional and natural flavours.
Phodé definitely broke the image of flavours in the food and feed industry when proposing functional specialties with properties of appetite stimulationor stress reduction!
Quick and international development
Like in a start-up company, development was assured first in the mother-country - France, where 50 jobs were created in south-western Albi area. Now the company expands internationally, being present in more than 20 countriesand owning 4 subsidiaries in France, United States and China.
New visual identity to mark milestone
2010 is the year of expansion and international growth. This step is marked by a visual evolution, which had not changed from the company founding.
The Leaf stands as a symbol of the heart of Phodé research, enhancing the natural dimension of the products. But at the first glance this stylistic leaf designs the great dynamism and the forward marchof the company.
The website at www.phode.com moves to more modern, and becomes more interactive and customer-oriented.

Dick Ziggers

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