News last update:6 Aug 2012

Book review: The Vitamins Directory

The Vitamins directory, written by Sally Charlton and Dr Wesley Ewing has been designed to save time searching for information and to improve knowledge of vitamins in animal nutrition.

Vitamin nutrition is a small part (in number) of the complete nutrition of an animal. It can often be ignored and yet it is critical to the well-being and top performance of every animal.
The correct vitamin balance of animals is essential for maintaining normal body function to support growth, performance, immunity and fertility requirements.
An increased supply of specific vitamins can sometimes have a positive effect, such as immunity status.
Each vitamin is extensively reviewed by species, natural sources, function and benefits, absorption, metabolism, storage, excretion, adequate status, deficiency, toxicity, antagonists, etc.
A table of typical levels of each vitamin in common feedstuffs is included.
The book can be ordered at Context bookshops at the special offer of £28.13 (€36) + delivery costs.

Dick Ziggers

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