News last update:6 Aug 2012

Feed mill starts operations in Eastern Cuba

The first multipurpose plant to produce animal feed for farms in the Cuban province of Las Tunas, began operating in the southern municipality of Amancio.

The new plant can manufacture various types of feed mixtures for various species of animals, and will enable Cuba to save some of the expensive imports made in this field.
The plant was built at a cost of about $89,000, with the use of recovered equipment, parts and other items.
The facility uses as basic raw material the residuals of the distillation of alcohol processing which have a high energy value and serve as a substrate for, through various formulations, obtaining high-quality feed products for animals.
The facility has a daily production of 50 tons of seven types of feeds, processed with honey, urea, vinasse, yeast saccharomyces, bagasse (stalk residue from sugarcane) and other components rich in protein and fibre.
It is also intended to make nutritional blocks for different pigs and cattle, said engineer Lazaro Guerrero, head of derivatives of the Sugar Business Group in the province of Las Tunas.

Dick Ziggers

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