News last update:6 Aug 2012

Netherlands: completely ban antibiotics in animal feed

The Dutch organisation for the animal feed industry (Nevedi) would like to stop the use of antibiotics in feed as soon as possible, in cooperation with livestock producers and veterinarians.

This way, Nevedi hopes to contribute in finding a solution to the problem of antibiotic resistance in both humans and animals.
Especially in pig production, veterinarians still prescribe medicated feed containing antibiotics, after consultation with producers themselves.
Since 2008, the production of feed containing antibiotics has come down; however most of the drugs are now administered through the drinking water.
Only a small part of the antibiotics in Dutch livestock production is supplied through compound feed.
Nevedi claims that during transport of medicated feed, traces of antibiotics may end up in feed destined for healthy animals – helping antibiotic resistance to grow.
In addition, there are alternatives to medicated feed, like supplying this through water or injections.
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Dick Ziggers

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