First GLOBALG.A.P Feed Certificate goes to Havsbrún Feed Mill

Food Certification International certifies feed producer Havsbrún in accordance with the new GLOBALG.A.P Standard for Compound Feed Manufacturers.

The launch of version 2.0 of its Compound Feed Manufacturing (CFM) Standard is part of GLOBALG.A.P´s range of standards complementary to the Integrated Farm Assurance standard for livestock and aquaculture.

The CFM standard contains 204 Control points out of which 170 at level Major Must, 33 at level Minor Must and one at level Recommendation. CFM v2 is valid from 1 March 2010 (compulsory from 1 January 2011). Certification Bodies willing to certify CFM v2 can apply for scope extension and need to achieve accreditation within 6 months. The documents are available for download from the GLOBALG.A.P website

About Havsbrún
Havsbrún is a modern, internationally renowned producer of fish meal, fish oil, and fish feed situated in the Faroe Islands. Havsbrún was the first fish meal and fish oil factory in the world to produce fish feed. In Europe, Havsbrún is still the sole producer. Approximately 80% of the fish feed consist of fish meal and fish oil that is produced locally in Havsbrún’s own fish meal production plant.

Havsbrún is recognized as an international market leader with research and development focus and with its own quality assurance laboratory.  Coupled with their stringent quality assurance protocols, the exacting selection process of raw material ensures a finished product of the highest quality. The quality assurance laboratory at Havsbrún maintains co-operative alliances with research institutions, both locally and internationally, thus assuring a constant flow of relevant, up-to-date knowledge that enables us to produce the best products for the international market.


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