News last update:6 Aug 2012

New feed mill for Fiji Research Station

A new $827,000 feed mill had its foundation laying ceremony last week at the Koronivia Research Station (Fiji Islands) by the Permanent Secretary for Agriculture, Mason Smith.

Speaking during the ceremony, Smith said that the Research station was taking a dynamic step forward in terms of technology development at its station.

The feed mill which was designed by the Land Water Resource Management engineers is expected to be ready by December. It will assist the Animal Health and Production Division in conducting research for livestock feed formulation.

Overseas training
“Our officers will be sent for further training overseas to gain experience and conduct Research for feed formula which is suitable for our local animals,” said Smith.

“In order to have healthy animals, they must be given the right types of feed so that is why the feed mill will be of great importance,” added Smith.


Long time dream
The Principal Agriculture Officer (Pasture), Eroni Tamani said that staff had always wanted to have a feed mill for a very long time.

“We dreamt of having our own feed mill for years now as it will give us the opportunity to try and raise the standard of animal health and production especially in terms of feed,” said Tamani.
“The feed mill is high recommended to produce supplementary feed to our animals and it will be utilised at a research level and will not run at a commercial level.”
“Our staff will be trained on feed analysis and trials on other agro-bio products like cane tops and maize cobs will be carried out as well,” he added.

Dick Ziggers

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