News last update:6 Aug 2012

Pava penetrates compound feed business

Being the largest grain processor in Siberia and the Far East, Pava has now outlined shipments of combined feed to livestock farms as a separate area of work.

According to company’s representatives, it’s a promising area of cooperation that requires a customized approach.
Pava stresses that cooperation with the livestock farms in a separate line of work does not mean that the grain processor prioritizes one particular area of operation.
The crucial point here is different requirements that are put forward by the company’s partners.
While wholesale companies place orders for traditional recipes, livestock farms have individual requirements.
Such separate approach to production and distribution of combined feed has emerged due to increase in the number of contracts with farms and their elevated interest in Pava’s products.
OJSC Pava produces combined feed for all types of animals, poultry and fish at its production facility in Achinsk, Krasnoyarsk territory.
Recipe is prepared through the recipe optimization program. Farmer’s requirements are taken into account during this process.
Raw material is chosen carefully as it has to comply with quality requirements as well as with criteria of high nutrition value, safety and efficiency.
All raw materials are thoroughly tested. Quality control of combined feed is based on more than 10 indicators.

Dick Ziggers

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