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Postgraduate seminar - Advances in feed evaluation science

The objective of the International postgraduate seminar 'Advances in feed evaluation' (11-15 April in Wageningen, the Netherlands) is to provide a concise update on the principles of feed evaluation as applied to the livestock industries.

Our knowledge of the effects of specific nutrients and anti-nutrients on metabolism and ultimately animal performance has expanded rapidly over the last decade.
This has increased the need to accurately define the available nutrient content of animal feeds.
In addition, some major advances have been made in chemical analyses and other laboratory assays that allow us to better characterise nutrient content and availability in feedstuffs.
Target group
The seminar Advances in feed evaluation science is intended for nutritionists, feed formulators, advisors, managers, teachers, researchers and professionals involved in animal feed manufacture.
Topics at the seminar will be presented by:
  • Prof. J.L. Black, John L. Black Consulting, Warrimoo, University of Sydney, Australia
  • Prof. W.H. Hendriks, Animal Nutrition Group, Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands
  • Prof. P.J. Moughan, Massey University, Riddet Institute, Palmerston North, New Zea­land
  • Prof. C.F.M. de Lange, University of Guelph, Department of Animal and Poultry Science, Guelph, Canada
Fee of € 2,895 covers full board and lodging, tuition, seminar materials, coffee/tea, lunches and dinners. No financial assistance is available. A maximum of 30 people can participate.
Registration closes at 21 March 2011. Shortly after this date, participants will receive additional information about the course.
Registration on-line is possible on www.wbs.wur.nl.
Further information can be obtained from the International Training Centre WBS, Wageningen Business School, P.O. Box 226, 6700 AE Wageningen, the Netherlands (phone +31-317-484093, fax +31-317-426547), email: info.wbs@wur.nl.

Dick Ziggers

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