News last update:6 Aug 2012

SCE builds silos for De Heus in Poland

The new feed mills of Netherlands-based De Heus Feeds in Poland have been expanded with the help of Silo Construction & Engineering from Belgium.

Dutch feed miller De Heus is expanding its foreign assets and offices rapidly and already has a presence in almost 45 countries, supplying more than 3 million tonnes of feed to the livestock sector.
Not so long age De Heus took over the activities of Evialis Polska, which further increased their presence in Poland. The company is now the second largest player in the Polish market.
To keep up with demand in Poland SCE from Belgium was commissioned to build a new animal feed mill in Miescisko.
SCE supplied and installed 37 smooth wall silos with a storage capacity of 3,460 m³, reception building, production towers, bulk station, staircase and lift shaft. The whole was finished with insulated interior boxes and single facade panelling.
In Spytkowice the factory which SCE completed in 2009 was expanded last summer with a bulk station with 56 smooth wall cells (capacity 2150 m³).



Dick Ziggers

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