News last update:6 Aug 2012

Diamond V unveils new corporate branding

Diamond V unveiled a new corporate brand strategy that supports its unique portfolio of trusted products and services.

The new brand focus, “The trusted experts in nutrition & health,” reflects today’s Diamond V: a customer-centred company focused on developing innovative technologies, cutting-edge products and value-added services that meet customer needs and wants.
During the past seven decades, Diamond V became synonymous with “the trusted experts in nutrition and health,” according to recent research. “During these decades, we have gained an enviable reputation for supplying producers with effective products, technical expertise, quality and innovation,” says CEO John C. Bloomhall.
Five values
Research shows that delivering predictable results is one of five ways the company brings value to producers and their nutritionists. Other ways are technology innovation, quality commitment, technical expertise and industry commitment.
To guarantee predictable results, the Cedar rapids, Iowa (US) based company validates its all-natural products through peer-reviewed research studies prior to their commercialization. The studies confirm product efficacy, build producer confidence, and assure results.
Technology innovation stems from a proprietary fermentation process which delivers unique products, according to Bloomhall. “Each of these product innovations offers stability and repeatability, the assurance producers and nutritionists want and need.”
Dairy commitment
Over the last 68 years, Diamond V has earned an admirable reputation within the dairy sector. “Our commitment to the dairy industry is apparent in the quality products and services we deliver consistently,” says Bloomhall. “We build relationships that result in partnerships --the needs of our customers are our over-riding concern.”

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