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New Tilting Mobile Flexible Screw Conveyor from Spiroflow

Over the years, Spiroflow has manufactured mobile conveyors with tilting support beams to meet the needs of individual customers. A recent upsurge in interest for such equipment convinced them to formalise the concept and to introduce a Tilting Mobile Flexible Screw Conveyor to their product portfolio. Launched at the recent PPMA exhibition, Spiroflow's new Tilting Mobile Flexible Screw Conveyor has generated a lot of interest.

Customers use Mobile Flexible Screw Conveyors so that one conveyor can be used to load bulk materials, ingredients or additives into a multiplicity of processing or packing machines. Others choose them because they want to remove them from the production or packaging area to a remote wash station for thorough cleaning between batches.
This new model, with tilting conveyor support beam, makes cleaning easy as the operator can access, remove and clean most of the components at bench height. In addition, it means that the conveyor can negotiate areas of low headroom when being moved.
Lowering the conveyor support beam is a simple, safe one person operation. A gas strut counter-balances the weight of the beam and has an integral automatic locking mechanism that has to be released before the beam can be pulled gently down. Once lowered, an over-centre clamp holds the beam in place whilst the conveyor is cleaned or moved.
Spiroflow’s new Tilting Mobile Flexible Screw Conveyor offers easy removal of the Conveying Spiral and the Conveying Tube for either dry cleaning or washing. Access panels give ready access to all other contact parts. All access panels, for removal of components or cleaning, are fully interlocked for safety. Robust, locking casters facility the mobility of the unit and stability when in-situ.
To learn more about Spiroflow’s new Tilting Mobile Flexible Screw Conveyors, the other conveyors in their comprehensive range, visit their web site at www.spiroflow.com

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