News last update:6 Aug 2012

Novasil Plus-TX aflatoxin binder approved in Texas

Trouw Nutrition has recieved approval for Novasil Plus-TX, as a certified aflatoxinbinder within the state of Texas.

Novasil Plus-TX has a high ability to bind aflatoxins, preventing the harmful effects on animal performance.

In an effort to provide relief to farmers in Texas, the Office of the Texas State Chemist provided an avenue for well researched aflatoxin binders to become certified for sale in Texas. In order to meet the certification requirements, products must have laboratory data and proven results in animal studies. Novasil Plus-TX   exceeds these requirements and is among the first certified and approved aflatoxin binders in the State of Texas.

NovasilPlus-TX complements the NovasilPlus range of products that are distributed by Trouw Nutrition companies and their business partners all over the world.

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