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Russia starts construction of largest feed mill in the NFD

In the Komi Republic, situated in the Northwestern Federal District (NFD) construction has started of a new feed mill, aimed at supporting and developing the livestock industry in the region, which is currently experiencing a shortage of high quality feed products.

Preliminary estimates expect the cost of the new plant to be about 1.5 billion rubles (US $ 50 mln). The press service of the governor of the region stated that regional authorities will allocate a grant of more than 1 billion rubles (US $ 33 mln.) for the construction cost. 
Production capacity of the new plant is estimated to be 75,000 tonnes per year. Making, the new plant the largest enterprise for production of animal feed in the Northwestern Federal District.

According to experts the production cycle will be completely automated, requiring only 20 people to operate, while the quality of the product will be one of the best in Russia. The new plant will help regional manufacturers to solve the traditional problem of the Russian livestock, which lacks quality feed products. 
“Construction of such plant in every region of Russia will significantly increase the stock number in the sectors of poultry and pig farming, because due to lack of forage producers are often forced to artificially constrain the growth of livestock, as there will be animals with simply no food," the Ministry of Agriculture of the Region said in a statement.
The feed mill is a joint project of the regional authorities and private investment.

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    Not sure if 75 tons of production capacity is gonna be enough...

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    75 ton per year? Largest?

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    Dick Ziggers

    Thanks for the remarks guys, it is of course 75,000 tonnes. I've changed it in the text.

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    Simon Yee

    Wondering what is the requirement for Russian Export for Animal Feed and where to get the information about it?

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