News last update:6 Aug 2012

ADM upgrades CitriStim facility

Archer Daniels Midland Company recently completed an upgrade of its Southport, North Carolina, USA facility to allow the company to increase production and packaging capabilities for its proprietary CitriStim feed additive.

The facility upgrade included the addition of driers that allow ADM to double CitriStim production capacity and also packaging improvements that help minimize package leaks, create more uniform and durable pallets, and make product information easier to read.
CitriStim is a yeast mannan source that is used as a feed ingredient for livestock, equine, poultry, aquaculture and companion animals.
ADM began producing the product in 2004, and today, ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of ADM, uses it in more than 400 feed formulations.
“The upgrades to our Southport facility will improve our ability to provide uninterrupted supplies of CitriStim to US and global customers,” said Peter Bergstrom, product manager for ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc.
Livestock nutritionists believe CitriStim has a positive effect on gut microbial populations and immune function. More than 50 scientific research studies on a range of species have demonstrated CitriStim’s efficacy.

Dick Ziggers

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