News last update:7 Aug 2012

Cargill to invests in its French plants

Cargill France invests €10 million for a 20% capacity increase of its plant in Montoir-de-Bretagne (Loire-Atlantique), and to be at full capacity two years after its commissioning.

The unit produces rapeseed oil for food applications and biofuels. It processes 700,000 tonnes of rapeseed per year, which is 75% of production. The site employs 160 people.
The residue of this process, rapeseed meal, which is rich in protein, is intended for livestock and animal feed. The plant in Montoir now processed Montoir 850,000 tonnes of rapeseed per year, produced mainly in western and central France.
Sunflower oil
Cargill also provides €20 million for its investment unit, situated on the river of St. Nazaire which specializes in sunflower products.
This program, planned in ten years, is aimed particularly at reducing the environmental footprint, to renew and upgrade heavy equipment, increase the added value of the site with possible production of lecithin, a possible renewable energy project (biomass).
"This project fits within the context of international competition with Russia, Ukraine," says Hervé de Praingy, director of the plant, which employs 120 people. Part of the oil produced is exported in bulk, the other is bottled at Chateau-Gontier (Mayenne).
Not sure yet
This project is however still hypothetical. It is packaged in a renewal of permission for temporary occupation of the port area.

Moreover, Joel Batteux, the mayor of Saint-Nazaire, voted against keeping the site on the docks and wants its relocation further from the city. 



Dick Ziggers

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