News last update:7 Aug 2012

Ingredient companies add 100 jobs

An Indianapolis animal nutrient maker is expanding and expects to add 44 jobs by 2013. Also a Kansas City probiotic producer is enlarging his business and expects to hire 62 new employees.

Micronutrients said it will start construction on a $23 million expansion of its Indianapolis plant that makes feed nutrients for livestock and pets.
The expansion will add a second manufacturing plant with three production lines to make copper, zinc and manganese trace minerals that are added to animal feed.
The expansion will start in the next few weeks and add 44 jobs to the company's 72-person workforce over the next two years.
Work in probiotics
SCD Probiotics has launched a $9.1 million expansion project with the potential to create 62 jobs in Kansas City, Missouri.
The firm is renovating its fermentation facility at its manufacturing site in Kansas. SCD Probiotics moved its headquarters to the city centre in preparation for the renovation.
SCD Probiotics is the creation of Matt Wood, who developed the company in 1998 when he was an undergraduate at the University of Missouri. According to its website, the company currently employs 19.

Dick Ziggers

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