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Bayer Animal Health to strengthen presence in Asia Pacific

Bayer announced the launch of three products in the area of feed additives in cooperation with its industry partners at VIV Asia 2011.

The new partner AgraQuest Inc. recently agreed to supply Bayer the probiotic feed additive Baymix Grobig BS for its launch in Thailand. The products TOXISORB Premium, produced by Süd-Chemie AG, and Baymix Latibon Plus ME from Dr. Eckel GmbH, both already marketed by Bayer, received a claim extension.
Baymix Grobig BS is an economically and technically viable solution to enhance poultry health and performance. This natural product is based on AgraQuest’s patented QST713 strain of Bacillus subtilis to help prevent common gut infections associated with Clostridia and Camylobacter pathogens. The product Baymix Latibon Plus ME, an outstandingly easy to use, highly palatable blend of organic acids, increasing digestibility and gut hygiene throughout the entire intestinal tract is now also approved for the use in shrimp. TOXISORB® Premium New, now efficiently binds six instead of previously four toxins in the gut.
Strong presence in aquaculture
Furthermore, Bayer Animal Health uses the joint congress Aquatic Asia 2011 to reinforce the commitment to Asian aquaculture. The company broadens the range of its aquaculture portfolio by including innovative products representing the latest scientific findings from different partners. Within aquaculture in Asia special emphasis is on shrimp where Bayer’s portfolio offers best in class and technology leading products to the industry throughout the whole production cycle.
The organizers of Aquatic Asia 2011 underlined the company’s commitment to this important industry in Asia through Bayer’s assignment to host the second aquaculture forum at VIV Asia headed “Quality seafood from Asia”. Aim of the conference is to discuss commonalities of shrimp and salmon aquaculture in terms of farm technology, quality assurance and international sea-food trade to high end consumers. Sustainability and competitiveness of cultured sea-food in international food markets is the ultimate aquaculture industry target.
Bomac integration well under way
A new and important pillar of the Bayer presence in the region Asia-Pacific is the product development center as part of the successful acquisition of the New Zealand-based Bomac group. “One of the main reasons we acquired Bomac was its reputation for innovation and speed at getting new products to market”, explains Alexander Jahn. “We are now in the process to integrate our businesses and to leverage the product portfolio into the Asian-Pacific countries.” New products in mastitis, reproduction and parasiticides are planned to be launched in the region within the next years. “These developments build on our activities from previous years when we have significantly expanded our business into this region with various product launches and strengthened our sales forces in many countries”, resumes Alexander Jahn.

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