News last update:6 Aug 2012

Hubbard Zimbabwe calls for poultry farmers to purchase feed from reputable suppliers

Hubbard Zimbabwe has urged poultry farmers to ensure that their poultry feed comes from suppliers who are reputable in the industry.

The firm has made the call to farmers in the midst of looming claims in which some customers say that Crest Poultry Group, a Hubbard subsidiary, was selling chicks that were not growing. Hubbard Zimbabwe rebutted the claims are untrue and stated that the claims are intended to harm the image and reputation of the company.
Dr Hope Pachena, managing director of Hubbard Zimbabwe stated that "Most of the poultry farmers who experience this problem if any would have bought their feed from unlicensed vendors. This feed usually lacks some of the nutrients."
"Some of the farmers want to take short cuts and end up home mixing their feed. This feed will not have all the nutrients that make the chicks grow, as a result they blame it on us the suppliers," Dr Pachena added. He further said that chicks end up getting the wrong feed, hence the relay effect is growth failure of the animals.
Growth failure is also due to a lack of proper management of the chicks by farmers, stated Dr Pachena.  He  further added that the firm sells surplus chicks to the public - as they also rear them.
Hubbard Zimbabwe  is one of the leading poultry producers in the country.
Source: allafrica.com

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