News last update:6 Aug 2012

Philippines: Zuellig Group to secure it's own feed milling requirement with corn production

A 30,000-hectare corn plantation in the Philippines will be set up by the Zuellig Group in order to ensure its own feed milling requirements are met. The firm is currently testing plantations for its major corn production plans to become a reality.

Kim Campbell, executive chairman of Pharma Industries, Inc. of the Zuellig Group stated : “If you look at our organisation, we need corn for processing. We are looking in the region to produce corn."
“You can see that there is competition everywhere for food. For the security of supply, we want to produce our own corn so we are looking around, Mr Cambell added. The region has already seen test runs being carried out at corn plantations by the company.
According to Mr. Campbell  the budget for the agro-industrial project is decsribed as the ‘sky is the limit’.  The decision for this project comes in the midst of corn prices sky-rocketing.
The Zuellig Group is one of the largest privately held conglomerates in the world. The company has a turnover of over US$12 billion. The group currently owns and manages a diversified portfolio of industry-leading businesses in the Asia Pacific region spanning three sectors: healthcare distribution solution and pharmacy services; agribusiness manufacturing and distribution; and agricultural and materials handling equipment supply and services.

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source: feedmachinery.com

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