News last update:6 Aug 2012

Products: Reducing milk fever with CalFix

Trouw Nutrition International is launching CalFix, a dietetic compound feed formulated to reduce the risk of (sub) clinical milk fever in dairy cows.

CalFix contains a calcium binder which prevents the excessively low blood calcium levels associated with the disease and can reduce incidence rates of (sub) clinical milk fever and the costs incurred by the producer by up to 50%.
The product distinguishes itself from other similar products on the market as it has no negative effect on feed intake and presents no application problems.
PhD thesis
Developed by Trouw Nutrition International’s parent company Nutreco, this patented technology is the subject of a PhD thesis and has recently won the silver innovation award at Eurotier 2010.
Fed to the cow in the three weeks before calving, the calcium binder binds dietary calcium in the small intestine, rendering it unavailable for absorption.
By limiting this availability, CalFix prepares the metabolism for increased calcium requirements around calving in two ways:
  • by improving the efficacy of calcium absorption in the intestines and
  • by stimulating the calcium regulatory system to mobilise the vital nutrient from the bone.
As a result, it plays an active role in preventing low blood calcium levels after calving, reducing the risk of (sub) clinical milk fever and ensuring optimised production for the farmer.

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