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Book release: Dynamics in animal nutrition

This book, edited by Jannes Doppenberg and Piet van der Aar of Schothorst Feed Research, addresses current topics of interest to researchers and nutritionists in animal research, the feed and allied industry.

Animal nutrition is a fast changing field of expertise. Newly developed scientific knowledge is quickly adapted to better understand the integral balance between different organs and the digestive system.
Society demands that the feed industry responds to consumer issues such as food safety, sustainability of animal production, animal health and welfare, carbon foot printing etc. via altering feeding programs.
The practising nutritionist needs to implement this vast knowledge into practical feed formulations in a cost effective way in order to produce feeds and animal products efficiently.
Topics discussed
A short list of topics discussed:
  • immunomodulation,
  • gut barrier functions in gut health,
  • oxidative stress in weaned piglets,
  • glutamine as an functional amino acid,
  • energy evaluation of feedstuffs for layers,
  • reduction of the risk of Salmonella infections,
  • glucogenic nutrients as a predictor of milk production,
  • reduction of methanogenesis in ruminants,
  • glucose metabolism and
  • insulin resistance in sows
This reference book will be of vital interest to all involved in animal nutrition and the animal production industry.
2010, 206 pages, paperback
ISBN: 978-90-8686-149-1
Price (€): 44.00 (excluding VAT)
Price ($): 66.00

Dick Ziggers

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