News last update:6 Aug 2012

Cargill acquires Central American integrator

Cargill Inc. has announced completion of the acquisition of Corporacion Pipasa, a leading meat and poultry processor in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, that will become part of Cargill's operations in Central America. Being a private company, the terms of the acquisition were not released.

Pipasa operates five processing plants that produce beef, pork, chicken and turkey products, as well as four animal feed manufacturing plants and 12 distribution facilities.
The company is a leading regional supplier of cattle, equine, poultry, swine and aquaculture feeds and pet foods.
Expanding business
The company will be an important addition to Cargill's existing meat business in Central America that processes and markets chilled and frozen poultry and luncheon meats to retailers throughout the region, explained Bruce Burdett, director of Cargill's Central American operations.
Cargill has been involved in poultry processing in the region for 45 years, and the combination of Cargill and Pipasa creates a business that can help meet the increasing demand "for high-quality food in Central America," Burdett said.
The long-term outlook for poultry feed, poultry and processed meats is strong, he said. As incomes increase in the region, and more and more people are adding poultry and processed meats to their diets, he said.

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