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Convenient online course on HACCP

Feed Industry HACCP is an online course that will equip individuals to identify and assess feed hazards and develop a HACCP plan. The course will be delivered 100% online using a course Website in the WebCT course management system, email, discussion boards, mail and CDS.

Feed Industry HACCP Online Training will prepare students to develop a HACCP plan. This class is delivered 100% online using a course Website in the WebCT course management system, e-mail, discussion boards, and DVD. Feed Industry HACCP contains two course modules on HACCP prerequisites and plan development.
The course objectives include:
Understand the relationship between a quality management systems, risk analysis and HACCP
Possess the information and knowledge to identify, assess and manage feed hazards using HACCP principles
Prepare a model HACCP plan in a team environment
Learning outcomes
Students will be equipped to apply a science-based approach to risk management that includes HACCP principles and their application in the development of a HACCP plan.
Textbook used is: HACCP: A systematic approach to food safety by Virginia N. Scott and Kenneth E. Stevenson, Fourth Edition 2006.
Participants will receive a packet of materials, which includes the course materials on DVD, via mail.
Cost    $500
The course is scheduled to begin Sept 6, 2011 and the costs are $500.
Information about the course may be found at http://feedhaccp.org , and to register visit the online registration pages.
Class schedule
HACCP introduction
Feed Industry Structure
Form teams &
Select product
Text Appendix A&B, FAO - Good Practices for Feed
Prerequisites to HACCP
BSE 589:2000-2001
Preliminary steps:
Process flow,
Product description
Text Chapter 1, 2, 7
CGMP and BSE regulations
Quality management systems
Standard operating procedures
Sanitation SOPs
Outline prerequisite Program and list SOPs needed in the program
Text Chapter 3
ISO 9001:2000
ISO 22000:2005
Biological hazards
Risk assessment
Pathogen reduction
Biological hazard guide
(Merck Vet Manual as a reference)
Text Chapter 4
Food Safety Risk Analysis
Chemical hazards
Physical hazards
Chemical hazard guide
Text Chapter 5,6
Mycotoxin Cast
3,4,5, 6
Hazard analysis and Critical Control Point
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point
Text Chapter 8,9
Critical limits, monitoring, corrective action, verification, recordkeeping
Worksheets for principles 3-7 and summary form
Text 10,11,12, 13, 14 
Global application
Instructions on final HACCP plan completion
Text 15,16, 17
Recalls: regulations
Preparing for a Feed Recall
HACCP plan Completion
Final Plan Due Nov 28, 2011
Plan development
An Advanced Plan Develop for Feed Industry HACCP is also available. This course involves one-on-one educational assistance to HACCP coordinators developing an individualized plan for their company.
Information about the course may also be found at http://feedhaccp.org , registration can also be done at the course web pages.
The Feed Industry HACCP Online Training is supervised and put together by Dr. Tim Herrman, Professor Department of Soil & Crop Sciences, Texas A&M University, State Chemist and Director Office of the Texas State Chemist, E-mail: tjh@otsc.tamu.edu

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