News last update:6 Aug 2012

Ottevanger to supply solar systems

Inteqnion Solar BV is the latest addition to the Ottevanger Group of companies. Inteqnion Solar is a supplier of turn-key solar energy systems, which installations produce electricity direct from the sunlight.

Within the Ottevanger Group of companies, Inteqnion performs the control technology and installation activities.
Inteqnion Solar is the latest addition to the Ottevanger Group, but it actually represents the wheel turning full circle: more than 100 years ago wind and typically Dutch windmills signalled a beginning of renewable energy production.
In 1909 Dirk Ottevanger founded his mill constructing company in Moerkapelle an area I The Netherlands surrounded by wind mills.
More than a century later the fourth generation Ottevanger supplies feed mills and equipment over the whole world, from Russia to Jamaica to New Zealand.
Now with the establishment of Inteqnion Solar the company is taking the next steps forward on the route to sustainable energy supplies. A development that every company and every organisation will be faced with sooner or later.
An Ottevanger milling installation can now be combined with a solar energy installation on the rooftop or in the field. The solar energy installation gives the customer the opportunity to make the feed production process even more sustainable.

Dick Ziggers

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