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PEOPLE: Perstorp appoints R&D / innovation manager

Koen Schwarzer has been appointed as Manager R&D and Innovation for feed additives producer Perstorp Performance Additives.

A chemist and microbiologist by trade Schwarzer has been active in research and development of innovative feed additive concepts for over 30 years. Previous functions include R&D management positions at other major feed additive companies.
Schwarzer will be based at Perstorp’s Waspik location in the Netherlands. His responsibilities will include managing the R&D department and developing products and innovative concepts.
Schwarzer will lead the search for particular molecules, their activity and the way of application and he will provide technical support for various feed additive product groups.
The new challenge is something Schwarzer looks forward to: “Perstorp is a basic producer of several important raw materials that are used in feed additives. Managing the R&D department of a driven, innovative and focused business unit to support a continuously changing market with new concepts is very appealing”.
Koen Schwarzer will be replacing Marc Kinjet who recently changed positions to Business Development Manager Asia.

Dick Ziggers

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    magdi mohamed abdou ahmed rayan

    DEAR;concentrates are usually consider as feed additives,imported to manufacturing feed mill.it should be authorized made by natural,healthy and free from bio non edible portion or useless byproducts,etc.....it could be a good media for transmit a diseases and earning microorganisms and changing PH of blood and digestive system,which case internal toxicity and exotic diseases. .

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