News last update:6 Aug 2012

Palital established as new feed additive company

Palion in the Netherlands and Bewital in Germany have combined their feed additive product lines in a new joint venture named Palital Feed Additives.

The goal is to create and supply unique additives for the animal feed industry as value proposition. To meet the industries demand all products will be created and manufactured in-house in own factories to allow full control over design and quality.
  • Palital has a clear focus to create and design sustainable additives for the feed industry:
  • Butyrate concepts
  • Deodorized calcium butyrate
  • Deodorized sodium butyrate
  • Coated sodium butyrate
  • Novel flavour designs
  • Balanced sweetener packages
  • Rumen/stomach stable additives
  • Sable liquid mineral mixes
Palital is actively seeking participation with the feed industry whereby they are assessing their specific needs and demands. Product development is and will be done in close cooperation with their customers.

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