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Adisseo launches MilkPay iPhone app

The new MilkPay app from Adisseo, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of nutritional solutions for animals, streamlines calculations to determine the economic impact of balancing amino acids in a dairy herd’s ration. The free app is available for use on iPhones.

The MilkPay app calculates the price of milk for any Federal Milk Marketing Order (FMMO) that pays on components. It:

  • Calculates the current value of milk at current component levels,
  • Calculates the value of milk when feed costs and component levels change,
  • Shows how these changes affect income over feed cost (IOFC) and return on investment (ROI), and
  • Uses one-click updating of payment prices for components, somatic cell count, and the Producer Price Differential.

Adisseo is committed to assisting dairy producers in maximising income by advancing herd nutrition,” says Brian Sloan, Director of Ruminant Business at Adisseo. “The first-of-its-kind MilkPay app streamlines the decision process for nutritionists and producers, whether in the field or in the office.”

Balancing feed for amino acids in dairy rations has become an accepted best practice in recent years. When a shortage of a specific amino acid exists, the animal cannot use the other available amino acids, and therefore cannot efficiently produce milk protein.

An insufficient supply of an essential amino acid, such as lysine or methionine, has consequences such as reduced milk volume, milk protein and milk fat. Long- term consequences exist which impact cow health and reproduction.


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