Deforestation Amazon biome at standstill

ABIOVE, the Brazilian Vegetable Oil Industries Association, published the results of the fifth annual monitoring cycle for soybean planting in the Amazon biome.

The Soy Moratorium on the Amazon biome was renewed for the 5th time on October 2011, maintaining ABIOVE's and ANEC's member companies commitment not to acquire soybeans from any areas deforested, from July 2006 on, in the Amazon Biome.

From the interpretation of the survey data it was possible to identify the presence of soybean cultivation in 18,410 ha deforested after July 2006. In the same period 4.51 million ha were deforested in all Amazon biome, from which 3.47 million ha are located in the tree soybean producing states.

The soybean producing area in the deforestations occurred in the Amazon Biome during the Moratorium period are equal to 0.41% of the total deforestations, 0.53% of the deforestations in the three soybean producing states and 3.04% of the deforestations in the soybean producing cities.

Brazil has 24.1 million ha with soybean production and 2.1 million ha are in the Amazon Biome.

The current report shows the methodology applied and the results achieved in the 5th year of the Monitoring of the Soy Moratorium with images of the data surveyed.


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